The famous illusionist and magician Sankara born and grown up in Crete. Then Sankara went to Athens where he began training in the art of entertainment magic and illusions.

Because of his perfectionism,Sankara moved from Greece to America, there with continuous studies mainly in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, he started to be the illusionist that he is now, and when he returned back to Greece, in a short time he starts raising the status of his art in his country and he also give another dimension to the magical space, unprecedented for the Greek data.     
The opportunities for a big carrer starts to follow one toanother. Starting in 2002 wherever it appears in the show's Star «100% Comedy Nights" and manages to combine the stand up comedy with magic tricks.
All the other television collaborations that followed, where many and large ...
Sankara was fixed member of the evening broadcast of MEGA channel «Very Sunday" with Gregory Arnaoutoglou, showing risky and spectacular illusions Live.
Then followed the global television magic show "The Successor (also known as The Next Uri Geller)" whose Greek version was on ANT1 channel, and "Greece got Talent" on ANT1 again, where there he appeared to a charity.
   On television as a guest star, has appeared in almost all broadcasts of channels in recent years ... The most popular presenters on Greek television , they invited him to theyr TV shows, some of them are: Gregory Arnaoutoglou, Tatiana Stefanidou Fotis and Maria Bakodimou Sergoulopoulos , Eleonora Study Christina Lambiri, German Natalia, Markos Seferlis George Liagos and Fei Skorda Dimitris Kampourakis and George Economou, Katerina Karavatou and Krateros Katsulis ... and many many others.

She has worked in big live shows like the "enastron" on the side of famous singer Notis Sfakianakis, and the "TEATRO" with Nikos Kourkouli, Kelly Kelekidou and Kostas Karafotias.
Sankara had also worked in theater, through the performance of "gelon lave" by Markos Seferlis at Delphinario theater.
In winter of 2008, Sankara was the first Greek magician who appears at the Glass Musical Theatre with his personal show, and since then the individual performances of the most famous magician of Greece continued with great success, shows all over Greece but also at major festivals and events worldwide!

  • Sankara and the magic continiues...